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LPG Cylinders Filling System


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The LP gas filling process is a serious business of high quality demands. Quality of equipment. Quality of control. Quality of operational safety. It is all covered by the Kosan Crisplant way of thinking.

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Kosan Crisplant delivers flexible solutions ranging from simple manual (KCFiLL1 and UFM) to highly advanced, fully automatic electronic filling systems (UFM and Flexspeed). Existing mechanical filling systems can easily be upgraded to electronic systems at an individual speed. Electronic filling systems ensure improved filling accuracy, which has always been an essential factor within the industry. The electronic filling systems can be equipped with data collection for various purposes.We can deliver any required capacity and strive to give our clients value for money – regardless of the solution.

Medium capacity filling
Universal filling systems
Kosan Crisplant’s solution for allround filling of gas cylinders in a flexible and competitive way is based on the UFM – the Universal Filling Machine.The UFM epitomizes KC’s development philosophy: To deliver genuine value to our business partners in the shape of competitive, high-tech quality products.The UFM is the backbone of filling plants all over the world; efficient both as a stationary unit, built onto a chain or roller conveyor system or mounted on a carrousel filling system.The UFM is an extremely versatile, reliable, flexible and competitive filling machine based on either the electronic weighing principle or the massflow principle. It has become a success all over the world as the natural choice for both new installations and as a replacement for worn-out mechanical filling machines.We have incorporated and improved the best properties from some of our most valued and thoroughly tested products. This has made it possible to produce a modular product at a competitive price – a highly flexible product with a number of advanced facilities such as data communication, where required.The UFM has a standard feature for communication with a PC system for collecting, processing and presenting data from the filling process.

Flexspeed- high capacity
The industry standard, tripled More than 4000 cylinders per hour on one single carrousel system. Flexspeed is the world’s only high-speed filling system for LPG cylinders.By applying new and patented handling and processing techniques, the carrousel-based Flexspeed system ensures a continuous flow of cylinders thoughout the system. The dynamic cylinder flow makes it possible to reach unmatched filling capacities of more than 4000 LPG cylinders per hour on one carrousel system. For any cylinder and valve type The Flexspeed system features multiple filling posts and a series of process modules for e.g. leak detection, valve testing and cap application. It is suitable for filling any type of cylinder, whether equipped with centre or screw valves. Low operational costs Designed for lean operation, Flexspeed brings gas fillers low production costs and low unit cost due to less equipment maintenance, better uptime and a reduced need for manpower. Cylinder maintenance costs are also reduced as the dynamic cylinder flow gives fewer damages to the cylinder surface during the filling process. Flexspeed process modules To fully benefit from the Flexspeed carrousel’s unmatched filling capacity, the speed of the upstream and downstream processes must be equally high. To that end Kosan Crisplant offers various high-speed process modules with a capacity of more than 4000 cylinders/hour – just like the Flexspeed filling carrousel.The process modules are small carrousel units with six stands that run synchronically with the filling carrousel as they are all connected to the same gear and motor. Types of process modules: Leak detector with CIR test heads for leak detection by means of infrared technology.Valve tester for detection of damaged valves and regulator gaskets by means of a pressure test. Can be installed upstream in the Flexspeed divert module for immediate sorting out of cylinders with defective valves or regulator gaskets to avoid gas leaks during the filling process due to bad valves.Mid seam leak detector for detection of leaks from the weld seam of steel cylinders.Cap applicator for application of hard caps. The cap applicator module comes with cap buffer storage for up to 4 hours’ operation (depending on cap size).Cap applicator for application of shrinkable caps. The cap applicator module comes with cap buffer storage for up to 4 hours’ operation (depending on cap size).Thermo-sealing module for shrinking of shrinkable caps by means of steam.